Nicola Harper GEEKWARE designer

In a quiet suburb in Edmonton, Canada, you’ll find me (Nicola Harper) transforming obsolete electronic waste into fun and geeky gifts.

I not only design, source and clean the e-waste, and create the GEEKWARE in-house line, I also pack all your orders too!

After a 5 year stint as a professional Waste Management Engineer and countless trips to landfills all over the world (even whilst on vacation!), I left the 9-5 corporate world and launched Acorn Studios in 2004. 

In Spring 2008 Acorn Studios became GEEKWARE, and I launched a new MAC-ware range in response to the huge number of requests from the Apple Mac fans. 

Each item is carefully made by hand.  I hope you LOVE every GEEKWARE item you get and continue to shop with us!

 Nicola Harper GEEKWARE gifts

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