NEW! Commodore Cartridge Clock - 3K RAM Expander


This is the funniest thing ever! 3K of RAM? Isn't that, like, one sentence in Word? Place this Commodore 64 'Super Expander' clock on your desk and BAM, instant memory expansion (and laughter from your friends)!

Soon after the Commodore VIC20 was released, programmers felt that working within the 3583 bytes left after BASIC grabbed its share of the 5K built-in memory put unacceptable constraints on their creativity. (erm yeah! 5K to run an entire computer?!) As a result, memory expanders like this RAM cartridge were developed. They usually expand memory in multiples of 8K, although the first VIC memory cartridges (like the one used here) added only 3K.

Rescued from the landfill, this old-school Commodore cartridge has been converted into a desk clock, providing nostalgia for years to come.

Clock contains a quartz clock movement and runs on 1 AA battery (included). Comes with desk stand.

Size: 14cm x 8cm x 2cm.

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