Nintendo Game Cartridge Clock - Gyromite


Hang this classic Nintendo "Gyromite" game clock on your wall and BAM, it's 1985! The perfect gift for your gamer geek :)

Released in the US in 1985, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was THE classic 8-bit gaming console, selling 30 million units in 10 years!

Gamers know their roots and no matter if they have moved on to the DX, PS3 or Xbox 360, they still pay homage to the original NES.

Rescued from the landfill, this old-school gaming cartridge has been converted into a wall clock, providing nostalgia for years to come.

Clock contains a quartz clock movement and runs on 1 AA battery (included).

Cartridge Size: 13cm x 12cm x 1.5cm ~~~~~> Only 1 available

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