Commodore Cartridge Clock - Jupiter Lander


Place this Commodore VIC20 'Jupiter Lander' clock on your desk and BAM, it's 1981!

Jupiter Lander was an arcade-style action game based on the Atari 'Lunar Lander' game. The objective of Jupiter Lander was to pilot a landing module as it prepares to touch down on Jupiter. The terrain was very jagged and had only a few flat areas appropriate for landing, which were highlighted with flashing bonus multipliers. Crashing resulted in fuel penalties and the game was over when the player ran out of fuel and crashed on Jupiter's surface.

Rescued from the landfill, this old-school gaming cartridge has been converted into a desk clock, providing nostalgia for years to come.

Clock contains a quartz clock movement and runs on 1 AA battery (included). Comes with desk stand.

Size: 14cm x 8cm x 2cm.

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